These letters stood above a movie theatre near my house for near seventy years before the entire building was demolished, the letters I salvaged on the evening before they were to be taken to the dump. The decision to put them together as a piece of art came not on its own, but out of an invitation to help with an exhibition.

A friend suggested I add an explanation about the former theatre—why it’s important—alongside the piece, which I shied away from immediately. Very much like a film itself, the story is fact—a chronology that doesn’t change, even as everything around it does. And as it does, that original piece is seen, again and again, changing only in the perspective of those who watch it.

The meaning, then, lies with the individual. Like a performance, the purpose is derived from the experience. Over time, the actors will enter and exit, the sets build up and break down, and somewhere in the middle, the audience is left to decide what it means.